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by Neil Godfrey


The news on Syria is drenched with unconfirmed and unsourced reports, print, video and audio. I learned long ago that the mainstream media is driven too much by economics to be a reliable source — if the government or the corporation or any other interest group gives you a free press release then don’t waste time checking it out, just broadcast it!

Over some years now I have come to respect Middle East journalist Robert Fisk. Some on the rabid right loathe him, but I have found his analysis to be the most spot on in the end whether it’s about Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Israel-Gaza/West Bank, or Syria. He knows his stuff.

Here is his interview with Kerry O’Brien (a prominent Australian interviewer) on what is going on in Syria right now and what appears to be around the corner. Click on the 13 minutes of video here: http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2012/02/16/3432592.htm

I would not recommend the rest of the Four Corners program on which this interview appeared. Why? Answer:

Syria: What we are not being told

Syria: Report of the Arab League Observer Mission (and why did the western news media not report these findings? why do you have to go to the internet to learn what they concluded?)

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    Its unwise for foreign nations to get involved in civil wars that are about RELIGION. Clinton needs to get her nose out of this and how dare her send money over there to help any side of this religious war!

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    More evidence to complicate our understanding of what is happening in Syria: http://www.landdestroyer.blogspot.mx/2012/03/syrian-rebels-are-foreign-backed.html

    (Other posts: http://vridar.wordpress.com/category/politics-society/syria/)

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