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by Neil Godfrey

As an atheist, naturalist, humanist or whatever, who deconverted from religion some years ago I still find myself observing humanity (and non-human fellow creatures) with new eyes. This disaster is only one of many around the world, of course, but in every one of them it is inspiring to see what we are: local Queenslanders are shown on TV announcing their group identity: “We are Queenslanders, we help each other . . .”, but then someone is traveling interstate to help and declares: “We are Australians, we give each other a helping hand . . . ” And when it’s international, we identify with each other at the broadest humanity level.

Brisbane flood volunteers turned away


Clean-up volunteers have been turned away in Brisbane after an overwhelming response to calls for help.

Today queues of willing hands stretched for more than a kilometre at assembly points across the city. . . . .

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3 thoughts on “Isn’t this wonderful”

  1. Also pleasing was the conspicuous absence [in comparison with another major disaster in a developed country in recent times] of uniformed men with guns standing around looking ominous and ‘protecting property’.
    The only visible presence of police and military was in actual physical help and rescue, ‘laura norder’ was simply not an issue.

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