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Ancient forgeries — by lawful decree

Emperor Justinian needed historical precedents for his new codification of law to command the respect of both his citizenry at large and the legal profession in particular.

Sometimes controversy rages over the question of whether biblical works have been rewritten, interpolated, redacted, forged . . . In this context it is interesting to observe what happened — and why — in a well known case “by law”. Understanding the culture of ancient minds can often add enlightenment in many directions. read more »

Dating the Book of Acts: 1, Evidence for the early date (before 70 c.e.)

This is a short list points I have distilled from Tyson’s Marcion and Luke-Acts . This section will summarize the evidence adduced for an early date for the composition of Acts (pre-70 C.E. — before or around the trial and execution of Paul and the fall of Jerusalem) and the arguments against the interpretation of this evidence.

Future posts will look at evidence for:

  • an “intermediate” date (usually around the last couple of decades of the first century/very early second century);
  • and for a late date (well into the second century C.E. — even possibly as late as the mid or latter half of the second century C.E.) read more »