Breaking the Spell: Daniel Dennett on religion

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by Neil Godfrey

Another Radio National transcript of interview with a leading scientist on God and religion. From the “All in the Mind” program:

As the world wages war over geographical, religious and historical turf – a growing number of big note scientists want religious faith put under the microscope. Uber-philosopher of mind and popular provocateur, Daniel Dennett, author of Darwin’s Dangerous Idea, is one of them. He joins Natasha Mitchell to discuss his latest controversial offering, Breaking the Spell. Be provoked…

First Broadcast 29 July 2006

I was a bit disappointed in Dennett’s book mainly because of his painfully extreme caution in breaking certain thoughts and ideas to his American audience. I suppose when your writing for an audience that somehow never outgrew the seventeenth century when it comes to religion despite its industrial advances . . . .

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