Judas scholar and the devil again

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by Neil Godfrey

Interview on the radio this morning again — 8.30 am EST. Or if you miss this live it will appear soon enough here. [Update: it’s now here with transcript and pod soon to follow.]

The Devil appears like an angel of light, and it takes time to detect his lies, but when they are exposed we see a trail of perjury, of money-debts to “friends”, and of the death of an innocent. Such is the story of Jeffrey Archer.

But a Judas scholar finds such a vehicle a useful tool to propogate the gospel of Jesus and establish some “truth” amid all the silly nonsense about the “Leonardo Code”. (What’s with this “Da Vinci Code”? His name was Leonardo. Da Vinci simply tells us where he was from.)

Check previous post for further details

One positive at least from Moloney’s side — he is demonstrating in part how gospels were redacted, created by mutation from earlier ones…. I can just imagine the public taking up that scholarly tidbit with a relish (not!) — maybe if I had read Brown’s book I’d find something positive there, too — just for balance.

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