The Medium is the Message

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by Neil Godfrey

Chocolate Jesus! Now here’s a classic illustration of Vance Packard’s maxim: The Medium is the Message.

Marble good; oil on canvass good; but chocolate very bad!

At least no-one can call this art “tasteless” 🙂

Check out My Sweet Lord by Cosimo Cavallaro

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0 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message”

  1. That hit my funny bone. A chocolate Jesus. More appropriate
    for Easter than a chocolate bunny. I think it was the nudity
    not the chocolate that offended. 🙂

  2. Maybe, yet I’m sure there must be marble statues or canvas paintings of a nude Jesus on the cross. We know of David standing tall in pride of place in the Vatican. Wonder why nudity in chocolate would offend 😉

  3. And if there are nude marble statues or canvas
    paintings of Jesus, I’m sure they offended too.
    Christians still have hang ups from the Victorian age.
    I imagine any kind of nudity offends them.
    Or perhaps they think Jesus has been treated with
    disrespect. If Jesus does exist I imagine he would
    have a sense of humor and think the chocolate Jesus
    is funny.

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