Trump is Merely the Distraction

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by Neil Godfrey

A little rant:

No-one with “every single thing that could be wrong with a human being” could just walk in and become President of the United States without a little help from somewhere. So here we are, people going crazy with frustration as Trump does and says more and more wrong things. The “wrong things” are why his base loves him, of course. It’s a serious situation.

The real fault surely, as we all must know, is that

a. the Republicans know that supporting Trump is their only chance of protecting the economic and class interests of those they represent;

b. the establishment Democrats represent the other wing of the same economic and class elites as demonstrated by their nominations for Hilary Clinton and now Joe Biden to represent them.

The Coronavirus represents another opportunity for the corporations to entrench their power and wealth at the expense of the rest of the nation. As long as everyone is focused on the idiot showman and all of his nonsense they can get away with it largely unnoticed.

Meanwhile, the showman has accelerated a total breakdown in any ability of his supporters and opponents to actually talk and debate with each other. All criticism has been branded “fake news” of persons with some sort of mental syndrome. If one side attempts to focus on the facts of a record of behaviour the other side focuses on a selection of words and facts that portray an “alternative reality”. There is no common ground in the “conversation”.

A showman and an audience divided into two competing “realities”.

Meanwhile, untouched, the real powers who benefit from this whole scenario.

Elections are bought. The debates focus on the criminal clown and people rage within the echo chambers of different “realities”. Even if one reality is indeed “the” reality, the focus is still on the showman.

Somehow the focus needs to be redirected against those who buy the elections, that is against those who are benefiting from the political system that represents the corporate capitalist elites, against those politicians who are benefiting from all the attention, both supportive and critical, being on Trump.

The corporate capitalist system makes a mockery of what is called a “democracy” and is driving us all to any number of disasters.

End of my little rant.

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4 thoughts on “Trump is Merely the Distraction”

  1. Only Trump’s people (not Trump; he is not bright enough) to include a massive tax cut for the very wealthy is the Pandemic Bailout that provides a little chump change for the hoi polloi.

    Your analysis of the situation of our Distractor in Chief is spot on and we are still not anywhere near out of the woods.

  2. Your rant smells of Bernie Bro. Any qualified candidate worthy of the mantle needs to be supportive of employers in order to effectively help the working class. I would place Clinton and Biden in this category. At least wait for one of them to vote for some outrageous handout to the wealthy before labeling them in the same category as the Republicans. Exactly who would YOU nominate to break what you see as support for the class elites?

    1. No one person can “break support for the elite class”. Bernie Sanders could not do it either even if he were president. The best he could hope for would be to have the support of both houses to get through critical legislation but that would have to be accompanied by mass public demonstrations for specific changes if there were to be any chance of persuading enough reps voting to pass it.

      — Private funding of campaigns would need to be ended.
      — Corporations would have to have their “person” status removed.
      — Big corporations would need to be broken up.
      — Workers’ right to organize and bargain needs to be guaranteed.
      — Essential public services, including health, would need to be publicly owned and managed.
      — Various attempts at voter suppression need to be penalized heavily.

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