Trump Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize

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by Neil Godfrey

The idea that Trump might be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has been bandied about (even if forged). I like the idea. It’s one time my eyes have not rolled to the back of my head over some new thing associated with the dangerous idiot. Awarding it to Trump would, I believe, bestow some much needed levity on the reputation of the prize itself ever since it was awarded to war criminal, mass murderer and assassin Henry Kissinger. That day in 1973 brought satire itself to an end, as many said at the time. Trump is buffoonish enough to restore that satirical edge to the Nobel Peace Prize award. But it has to be awarded quickly. Before he has time to start serious scale human slaughter in Iran or elsewhere. Once that happens a Trump Nobel prize would be robbed of all levity and possibility of satire once again.



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12 thoughts on “Trump Should Get the Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. Hi Neil

    Just curious about whether or not one could get in trouble for accusing or saying Kissinger is/was “war criminal, mass murderer and assassin”? I understand he did do some things that are against humanity and human rights .

    I am simply wondering if saying such things even though he never appeared before a world court of Judge.

    1. His record is there for all to see. There is no doubt about his murderous decisions. He has to be careful where he travels in the world to avoid being arrested and brought to trial.

    2. Let me add that I have visited Cambodia and seen first hand the wretched suffering that still today plagues so many in that country and that is the fruit of Kissinger’s bombing campaign. I’m not speaking from an academic perspective. We are familiar with the Nuremberg judgment:

      To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole.

      That judgment even makes Kissinger ultimately responsible for Pol Pot.

      1. Wow! Some of this is new to me Neil. Thanks for your reply. Very enlightening. I do respect your perspectives on many things and have especially liked the last number of your blogs.

        A lot of Canadians here in Winnipeg, Manitoba are highly critical of Trump. Most of the fundi Christians though here think he is God’s man! Sometimes I just want to barf when I hear that. What do you foresee in the near future for Trump without getting too “prophetic”?

        And once again I think this is such a helpful site and all the flak you are getting from different quarters is so nasty, even evil in my opinion. I am not up on all that recently happened,but I hope it strengthens your resolve to keep offering extremely educational data. You have some incredible gifts. Keep using them with wisdom and wit.

        I can’t stand when Christians whine about being persecuted by non-believers here in the western world. It is laughable. I am finding myself more marginalized and mistreated as an agnostic/atheist quite a bit even here in Winnipeg, especially after finding out I apostasized as a professor and pastor from the faith.

          1. Hey, Richard. Nice to meet you. Perhaps we can connect at certain levels and talk shop, among other things connected with this site. Tell me a little about yourself if you feel free.

  2. Obama got the Nobel peace prize for doing nothing and from that day on it has been devalued. US presidents are figureheads and puppets of the corporatocracy (politicians, bankers and corporate owners). They installed a black leader to restore credibility after the 911 lie and weapons of mass destruction false excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. They installed Trump to create a side-show to take the world’s attention off the ongoing atrocities of the industrial-military complex, financial exploitation of third world countries and support of the Zionists to destabilise opponents of Israel. Thank God for the whistleblowers like Manning, Snowden and Assange. Let’s try to support them and not joke about Trump.

  3. I pretty much agree about the prize. However, be careful thinking Donald Trump (and that means the entire Trump Clan) is an “idiot”. IMO he is wicked canny. He is an actor and plays parts. He can read an audience and plays to them. For ratings (poll numbers now).

    He inherited some, and then has spent a very active lifetime adding to his network of dangerous, mega wealthy, criminal and organized crime people and networks of people. Has brought his children into the Clan (except maybe Tiffany who’s mother guarded her).

    I think the stakes in this battle are much higher than any official prize. IMO (that means In My OPINION only) Trump and Putin are the leading faces in a global war waged by the billionaire/oligarch/mogul class on the rest of us. The attacks are on-going. The front lines are online. Cheers, Kat

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