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by Neil Godfrey

Peter Kirby has revamped his Christian Origins website so that it consists of updated headers of Biblioblog posts. He includes a special biblioblog search engine covering these blogs and various online discussion archives. And more. . . .

Brilliant! Thanks, Peter!


Peter has some comments on what he has done on the earlywritings forum.


. . . It’s built on WordPress . . . . The hardest part by far was creating the “daily digest” posts programatically … especially figuring out how to pull down multiple external resources simultaneously (primarily, social analytics) to avoid a big bottleneck there . . .  .

Currently I’m fiddling with the automatic tagging for keywords and automatic images based on those tags.

I’m also interested in doing some kind of “ham” or “spam” filtering . . . . in order to target the chatterbox kind of post more aggressively… with the goal of having shorter lists of actual content to sift through for the user.

. . . . let me know if you have any suggestions! . . . . 


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