Robert Price on Earl Doherty’s new book

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by Neil Godfrey

Following on from Professor Stevan Davies comments on Earl Doherty’s initial appearance in a Crosstalk discussion in 1999, here is Robert Price on the latest version of Earl Doherty’s argument (Jesus: Neither God nor Man) for a mythical Jesus:

“Another book you might want to look out for, I don’t think it’s on Amazon quite yet, is by Earl Doherty, and it’s a double-size expanded version of his great book, The Jesus Puzzle, and this one is called [Jesus] Neither God Nor Man, and it is really super. This man has just this incredible x-ray vision into the text. I’ve studied the New Testament from various perspectives for decades, and I’m reading this guy and I’m thinking, ‘What an idiot I am! Why did I never see this? Why did I never think of that?’ Just astonishing stuff. Some may object and carp that, ‘Well this can’t be much; he had to resort to publishing his own book.’ Yeah, well so did Hume. Enough said.”

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  • Evan
    2010-03-26 08:42:33 UTC - 08:42 | Permalink

    The microphone looks eerily like a parrot. It’s disconcerting.

  • 2010-04-10 05:15:14 UTC - 05:15 | Permalink

    I was going to order The Jesus Puzzle, but then saw that this book is promoted as being an expanded and more up to day version. What us poor (as in monetarily challenged) folks are wondering is – is it worth the extra 20 bucks?

  • 2010-04-10 05:16:00 UTC - 05:16 | Permalink

    Oh good grief! I meant “up to date” version. 😀

  • 2010-04-20 06:44:24 UTC - 06:44 | Permalink

    I can’t speak for your budget, but the book is substantially expanded, some key points are revised, and I consider it as more akin to a more durable reference book (rather than a quick read). It is better organized, in my opinion, than the first volume. I’m very glad I took the decision to purchase it. It is a different order of quality and information than the original. I would almost say it is comparable to a collection of his website articles, but I noticed in at least one instance the website article consisted of dated arguments that had been significantly revised in the new book.

  • Pat
    2010-08-15 00:20:26 UTC - 00:20 | Permalink

    Evan rote: “The microphone looks eerily like a parrot. It’s disconcerting.”

    Subliminal imagery?

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  • 2011-03-23 11:49:18 UTC - 11:49 | Permalink

    I bought the first book several years ago, then treated myself to the new one for Christmas. In my judgment, it was worth the extra cost. If you don’t already have The Jesus Puzzle, you’re definitely better off getting the new book.

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