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Discussion Forum for Biblical Criticism and History

A place to discuss questions relating to biblical questions that are not covered in posts on this blog is at Biblical Criticism & History Forum. Check it out. It’s a pretty comprehensive site. I sometimes drop in with a point of view or response to others.

I am sure there must be others around. I have not been to serious academic discussion lists for a while now but I think some of those also allow amateurs to join and occasionally raise questions.

There are also many blogs run by biblical scholars who would be happy to discuss a range of questions.

And there is of course Rene Salm’s Mythicist Papers but I suspect Rene would also appreciate comments and questions relating to the topics of his posts.

If you know of any sites of interest then do add them in the comments below.



New Biblical Criticism & History Forum

Dismayingly the old FRDB (Freethought and Rationalism Discussion Board) forum History of Abrahamic Religions & Related Texts has been closed down. I do hope others who recognized the value of that forum will add their voices in persuading the owners to preserve its archives for ongoing free access.

Peter Kirby has stepped in to help out by setting up an alternative site to continue the same sorts of discussions:

Biblical Criticism & History Forum – earlywritings.com

yes, the History of Abrahamic Religions & Related Texts (ye olde BC&H forum of IIDB) lives on…

Peter has a post discussing a little of the background on his blog. read more »