I’m interviewed on Harmonic Atheist

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by Neil Godfrey

Thanks to Tim Mills of Harmonic Atheist

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4 thoughts on “I’m interviewed on Harmonic Atheist”

  1. Per The Video summary:

    After we briefly discussed his personal story, we went on to discuss various topics, including:
    • The important contributions of Earl Doherty (author, “The Jesus Puzzle: Did Christianity Begin with a Mythical Christ?” and “Jesus: Neither God Nor Man – The Case for a Mythical Jesus”)
    • The ways that “consensus” berates and shuns those who don’t agree with them, and how their failure to address critical and relevant questions, and instead just dismiss them, leads people to more easily see the failures of the consensus and to continue on to better questions and research.
    • Learning to see the Gospels as re-writes of Old Testament stories.
    • How the books “The Ascension of Isaiah” and “Enoch” affected the origins of Christianity.
    • How the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD was a large impetus behind the creation of early Christianity.
    • The question of whether ancient Rome had any part to play in the origins of Christianity.
    • Trying to understand how early Christianity, where the Jesus story was a parable, got turned into a historicized story.

    FYI: Doherty first published “The Jesus Puzzle: Part One: A Conspiracy of Silence”. Humanist in Canada. 114: 20–24. Autumn 1995.

    Anyone that happens to have that issue certainly has a family artifact that will be valued just as much as the journal issue of Alan Turing’s “Imitation Game”.

  2. • “r/atheism”. Reddit. is fully mythicist.

    Per https://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/wiki/historicaljesus

    Did Jesus Really Exist?

    The short answer is “no”.

    The slightly longer answer is “Maybe, but only if you’re willing to accept extremely loose definitions of the words ‘did’, ‘Jesus’, ‘really’, and/or ‘exist’.”

    Here is an AMA they once hosted:

    “Lifelong atheist with a PhD in New Testament and Early Christianity: AMA”. reddit. 13 December 2011.

    • Richard Carrier requested a moderated AMA on “/r/AcademicBiblical”, that was declined.

    I have never seen anything worth engaging on Reddit. IMO, the amount of time it takes sorting through the garbage is not worth the trivial payoff the effort could even bring. If some academic group there wants to invite me into a formal, moderated engagement that will filter out trolls and amateurs and lazy readers who misrepresent what’s in my book or won’t even actually read it, I’m game. But otherwise, it looks like just a useless time suck to me.

    1. The AMA (ask me anything) is by “arquebus_x”, a lifelong atheist with a PhD in New Testament and Early Christianity, who claims: “I finished my PhD in 2008, conveniently 6 months before the economy tanked and all the potential jobs in my field disappeared.”

      This is an interesting snapshot of the 2008 consensus.

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