“Oh my god” sums it up — what relief!

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by Neil Godfrey

I had been following the trial over the past months and got the impression that the judge was scoffing at Assange the whole time. So this has been a very tense day. I was glued to the tweets (from Mary Kostakidis) second by second and have copied them here “as it happened” — they need to be read in reverse order, from the bottom and up to the top. It was a nerve-wracking read in real time, expecting the worst.



Meanwhile there is a break apparently pending a decision on bail. It’s not over yet, but my god what a wonderful surprise that decision was today!

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3 thoughts on ““Oh my god” sums it up — what relief!”

  1. Is this apparent victory just another step along the way of torture and threat of life imprisonment to any journalist that helps expose US War crimes by publishing truth ?

    Poor Julian will languish still while an appeal is mounted by the US. His real hope is Trump’s pardon before he leaves office about Jan. 21 I think. I suspect Trump will do it out of spite if Biden proves victorious against Trump’s last ditch effort to retain power. I hope that is the case that Trump is out and Julian is freed. Worst case is Trump stays in power and Julian is ignored. There may be a lot of bargaining going on behind the scenes, as Julian and Wikileaks may have more ammunition to shame the US government, I hope so, but I wonder why it hasn’t come out by now.

    Latest news I found is at

    Anyone who wants to help campaign for Julian please support him at the Sydney Town Hall steps every Friday night 5-7pm.

    1. Indeed. It was most distressing to listen to the judge accede all the U.S. arguments for extradition — quite okay for the U.S. to seize a non-U.S. person for exposing criminality and throw away the key while Australia stands by nodding approval.

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