I like this article: Why Greta Thunberg triggers the troglodytes among us

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by Neil Godfrey

Photo: The teardowns and tirades against Greta Thunberg aren’t everywhere, but sometimes it can seem like it. (Reuters: Kevin Lamarque)

It’s by Lauren Rosewarne and it’s worth reading in full and seriously thinking about:

Why Greta Thunberg triggers the troglodytes among us

. . . .

But there’s an underbelly. A cruel and creepy world where it’s apparently perfectly fine — nay, encouraged — for adults, generally but not exclusively male adults, to shred a 16-year-old to pieces.

Greta ticks all the boxes — triggers the troglodytes amongst us — in some wholly predictable ways.

She’s a girl. To say our culture hates girls is, of course, an overstatement. Afterall, we enjoy looking at girls and having them sing and shimmy for us.

If a book, a band, a film, a foodstuff has a disproportionate teen-girl following — think Twilight, think Taylor Swift, think Billie Eilish — it’s rendered culturally unimportant at best and as vacuous crap at worst.

The moment girls scream and cry over something is the moment our culture has decided it’s wholly unimportant.

She’s not just a girl — she’s a girl with Asperger’s

She’s not just a girl though.

We like certain 16-year-olds. Ideally, ones that look like they’re on the cusp of blossoming womanhood. Barely legal in porn parlance.


If we’re going to pay her any attention, the least she can do is offer us something enticing to look at. To smile for us. To not be too strident. To play nice.

Greta Thunberg isn’t a 16-year-old doing sexiness for us. She’s not performing femininity, she’s not exchanging eroticism for a platform to talk about the environment.

She’s a soft-spoken girl with bare skin and pigtails. And because this packaging is so unfamiliar on the world stage — because we have no real track record of paying attention to girls who look like this — it’s acceptable to ignore her.


They’re naive, and their words — their wants, their hopes — get discounted.

But she’s not just a girl. She’s a girl with Asperger’s. And Asperger’s is commonly perceived as a disability.

I found a lot to think about in the full article. It’s worth a read, I believe.

(I’m reminded a little bit of Joan of Arc, for some or several reasons.)


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20 thoughts on “I like this article: Why Greta Thunberg triggers the troglodytes among us”

      1. Yes, I’m a “science denier”. Like these people.




        But of course that’s because I get paid millions by Exxon. It isn’t that I actually understand science instead of swallowing what the newspapers tell me. (And that includes the “97%” nonsense.)

        At least, they said the the cheque was in the mail.

        1. It’s hard to argue with a moving target. At times, really, really intelligent people like those at “American Thinker” (you can tell by their name that they’re smart) tell me that there is no Global Warming. At other times they tell me Global Warming does exist, but humans have nothing to do with it.

          In other hermetically sealed arguments, they admit to anthropogenic climate change but argue that it will be really cool to be able to ship goods directly from Murmansk to Prudhoe Bay all year long once the polar caps permanently melt. They also tell me how cool it will be to drill for oil in the warm Arctic Ocean.

          None of these arguments should be taken seriously, of course. The goal is to create just enough uncertainty and doubt for us to do nothing. And it appears to work. From a marketing standpoint, you can’t argue with their success.

      2. I “like” this line in your first link:

        Just like terrorists hide behind civilians, Eco-terrorists hide behind children.

        Leaving aside the fact that most terrorists we read about don’t “hide behind civilians” but kill them in the clear expectation of being killed in return, the term …. “eco-terrorists” . . . . okaayyy….

  1. I was disappointed in our Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response. He said children should be happy and positive about the future, having a good time and lots of fun games. He kinda missed the point, I thought.

  2. • One possible threat Greta Thunberg faces is being co-opted:

    Gross, Oli (27 September 2019). “If you agree with Greta Thunberg, why do you still eat meat?”. Totally Vegan Buzz.

    If people really want to show solidarity with Greta Thunberg and carve a better future for the next generation, the first step is to follow her lead, take some personal responsibility and ditch animal products from our diets.

    Gross claims “raising animals for meat, eggs and milk generates 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.” True or not, Thunberg should steer clear of people like Gross, I am not sure if Gross is sincere or an actual “Fifth column” element, unfortunately he more likely is the type, who is unable to see/understand the need for making common cause allies first and foremost.

  3. Okay, probably. But they went after the high schoolers from Parkland indiscriminately. Laura Ingraham mocked that one boy just for not getting into the top colleges he applied for. These kids are perceived as being ignorant loudmouths (“why is this irritating lib kid lecturing me and trying to shame me for my great political beliefs?!”). They’re commonly perceived as being exploited for political gain by their liberal parents and/or liberal troublemakers, evidence not required (liberal parents likely are bad parents and unethical people).

    To be fair, I don’t spend much time listening to teenage gun rights activists, etc.

    1. You surely aren’t being serious. The point is not she’s being ignored by everyone. The point is her very presence triggers the authoritarian brain. She’s young and female. She’s supposed to be quiet and play dumb.

      I note that her message has been consistent. In a nutshell, she says: “Don’t listen to me; listen to the experts.”

      It is important for rightwing media to make it all about her, while ignoring her message — even if it means showing faux concern for children “being used” for political purposes.

      1. I think the article takes a view of “our culture” that is too negative. It’s one thing to comment on conservative views of women, its another to claim that “our culture” does nothing but trivialize women and girls. Its simply not true. I think a lot of people have a great deal of respect for Greta and the fact that she gave a speech at the UN and has gotten the attention she has, is a testament to the fact that much of what this article claims isn’t true. I’m sure there are some who view the world the way the authors talks about, but they are a minority.

        It’s mostly a bunch of projection.

        1. I’m sure there are some who view the world the way the authors talks about, but they are a minority.

          Clearly the article author is writing subtle propaganda, intimating that those not in agreement are in some ways like “troglodytes” or trog-pinkos/enablers. But it is interspersed amongst copious amounts of factual observation.

          1. Yeah, I mean I guess my point is, that the way I view the reception that Greta has gotten is it shows that as a society we do take women and girls seriously. I mean here this 16 year old is giving a speech at the UN, giving testimony, leading major rallies, getting significant coverage. Certainly action isn’t being taken the way it needs to but it’s not because only a “little girl” is making the case so we don’t care. I mean honestly, the reality is that hundreds of men have been saying all the same stuff she’s saying, and she’s pointing to those hundreds of men and women adult scientists and saying, “Listen to them”. In the end, this “little girl” is being listened to far more than all those “old white men”.

  4. Ironically, this is a blog basically devoted to debunking a millenarian end-of- the world cult, and a coterie of “scholarly” disciplines whose practitioners are so far up their own arses that they are waving through their teeth. This is a blog about an academic consensus of so close to 100% as to make no difference. An academic consensus that we all think is so close to 100% wrong as to make no difference. Over 1 1/2 centuries of “Biblical Archaeology” has proven as bollocks as “Phlostigen Theory” and “New Testament Studies” will probably implode in the same fashion. Great gobs of Thompson’s “The Bible in History” are about a climate catastrophe – the “Bronze Age Collapse”; climate catastophe is part of the reason Justinian’s reconquista didn’t come off and the Fall of Rome being a Thing. One and a Half degrees? Before it was memory-holed, I learned it was four degrees warmer than the present day in the Early Empire period. Back then they produced a decent grape in Eboracum, I’m told.. The Americas are stuffed with dead civilisations that “ecocided”.

    Man is always getting in sync with the climate and the environment, only to have them dump on us from a height just when we think it is all sorted and we are in gravy forever. Our collective memory is only four or five generations at most and very parochial. We can explain to a degree what went wrong in the Yucatan for the Maya. In large part their civilisations very successes seeded their destruction. With twenty-twenty hindsight we could do something different to avoid their particular catastrophe, only to be blindsided by some other unintended consequence. We are no longer playing Regional Civilisation Kerplunk! Today it is a global affair: there probably won’t be an Assyrian or Hellenic civilisation to step in if our Kemets and Hattusas go tits up. We are too interconnected now.

    I’m not a fan of autistic screaching and ‘sperging out: it doesn’t work, it backfires and someone, or a whole lot of someones goes “Crazy Eddie”. Its wonderful if your name is Donald or Scott. You are a shoo-in for PM or President if the whack-a-loons hijack the msm and the opposition benches. (Before any of you normies go crackers; I’m one myself and still prone to unhinged outbursts myself. In the moment they are totally logical and consistent. It is only later, somtimes a whole lot later, you realise you left a whole lot out. We are wired differently, what’s you excuse?)

    “End of Civilisation”, “The Sixth Extinction”? We’ve been there, done that, got whole chests of drawers stuffed with tees. “Greta: Apocalyptic Prophet of the Third Millenium” when published will be as hilariously funny and misguided as Ehrman’s “Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium”. I look forward to the Twenty Third Century’s academic wheeze where future skeptics debunk “Hysterical Greta Studies”. /s

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