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by Neil Godfrey

Right now I’m in transit between Australia and Thailand and as much as I hate flying I do love the experience of exploring new places — like today’s walks around the historical area of Kuala Lumpur, the national mosque, and seeing for the first time truly appropriate signage on those pull-push doors. For about the first time I can remember I had no trepidation over the embarrassment of getting the two mixed up as I approached.

Around this time last year I was in the UK and one place I could not pass up was Liverpool. I was 50+ years too late, though, so the stars were fossilized in bronze…

Rory Storm
You know who

THE Street to see … Mathew Street

The club to visit has its own sign, The Cavern.

With more statued memories

Cilla Black

And the real thing re-built:

Still crowded but so sad — so many old people there….

Back out on Mathew Street — opposite the Cavern Club is now the Cavern Pub and Wall of Fame:

And many other places with names like Lennon’s Bar, Rubber Soul, …..

If I had put off my trip to this year I would have had two chances of seeing an aged version of a quarter of the real thing

Followed by

Beatles star Paul McCartney rocks the Cavern Club at surprise Liverpool gig

Finding a city where I am protected from the pull-push door embarrassment is a poor consolation.

From http://birch.co/post/27855154063/school-for-the-gifted-such-a-classic-far-side

And so we age.


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  • Steve Watson
    2018-08-02 22:24:55 UTC - 22:24 | Permalink

    I sympathise entirely; “Midvale School for the Gifted” – I have that as a birthday card from my sister :-0!

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