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by Neil Godfrey

A thought-provoking read:

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack


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  • proudfootz
    2018-04-18 08:59:44 GMT+0000 - 08:59 | Permalink

    I’m not surprised to learn the incident does not seem to be as advertised. Not only are these alleged attacks suspiciously timed, but also strategically ineffective, and completely unnecessary for the Syrians who are already winning the war against the jihadists.

  • Bob Moore
    2018-04-19 02:49:19 GMT+0000 - 02:49 | Permalink

    Thankfully people like ITV and Fisk are joined by others in raising awareness concerning political propaganda. Recent coverage of the falsity of high level claims about both the Skripal poisoning and the Douma poisoning are being aired by the likes of https://off-guardian.org/ and http://www.moonofalabama.org/ and https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/ .

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