The UFO of Bethlehem – Through Atheist Eyes with Frank Zindler

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by Neil Godfrey

H/T Debunking Christianity….

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5 thoughts on “The UFO of Bethlehem – Through Atheist Eyes with Frank Zindler”

      1. Yes, I have seen, even if I do not understand spoken English.
        My video shows why the Gospel text says “until it stopped at the place where the Child was”.
        The conjunction moved into the sky from east to west. This explains why Mattew told “they saw at the east”.
        If the Magi had really seen the conjunction at the East and were heading in that direction they would have turned away: it is precisely this shift in the sky that indicated a direction.
        With this I do not mean that the episode of the magi is real, the “star” was probably real.
        The conjunction occurred in the constellation of Pisces, just the one then associated with Jesus, messiah of the Age of Pisces, as I propose in my “KRST”.

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