WHY? Why of course — now it makes sense….

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by Neil Godfrey

Since reading PZ Myer’s Why post I have come across something else, an article by Max Blumenthal, that does make sense of what Trump is doing:

Michael Flynn’s Indictment Exposes Trump Team’s Collusion With Israel, Not Russia

I can imagine the Christian Zionists will be thrilled to bits. Another step closer to Armageddon.

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Neil Godfrey

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4 thoughts on “WHY? Why of course — now it makes sense….”

  1. “an article by Max Blumenthal, that does make sense of what Trump is doing:”
    Neil…. Neil…Neil….. now that is some objective research on your part. Max is one of the most Bias Anti-Israel writers out there.

    You should take another look at the history of the Maccabees around 165 b.c. and do some study in the prophet Haggai’s book. Israel is rising among the nations of the world and all other nations are decreasing. It is a process that has been playing out for thousands of years. I hope you and I live long enough to see it come to full fruition, although I fear we will not live to see Israel into her full glory!

    Trump like Obama and Bush is only a tool in the hand of the master artisan. Before a beautiful sculpture is created their has to be much deconstruction first. Don’t worry much about Armageddon, Nancy P. doesn’t have a clue as to what she speaks of.

    In my humble opinion the middle east is not going to blow up this year. The trajectory was set long ago. Like all good soups and stews, it needs to sit and simmer a while, maybe in a year or two.

    1. Yes, Max B has an agenda, and some might say it is pro-justice and anti-occupation or anti-racist agenda. I sympathize with that agenda. If the facts he relates are wrong, false, distorted, misrepresented, then please, please do inform me/us here.

    2. By the way, I not only read Altnet, but I also subscribe to feeds and read articles in Breitbart, The American Conservative and The Federalist as well as more “mainstream” conservative publications. I have sometimes linked to articles I have really liked in at The American Conservative. I try to be wide-ranging in the sources and views I read.

  2. ” Like all good soups and stews, it needs to sit and simmer a while,”

    If you let your soups & stews simmer for two thousand years + you must have a lot of pots with dried burned scum in them and nothing else.

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