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by Neil Godfrey

I have been wafted up into a strange land of night markets and street food, of friendly neighbours helping one another out, of different bird sounds and busy squirrels in trees and fish and monitor lizards in the tree-shaded canal, Thai long-tail boats taking people to work in the mornings and returning them in the evenings, of beautiful shrines and ancient temples. I am very lucky to be living where few “farang” (foreigners) are ever seen . . . the real Thailand. There’s a painful and ugly side, too, as there always is, even in Bhutan, but that makes the good all the more precious.

A halcyon holiday. More than another month to go here at Alcinous’s court.

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3 thoughts on “Postings delayed”

  1. Enjoy vacation.

    When you’re back, you might note that even Larry Hurtado is presently considering a 1980’s article that asks “Is the NT a Field of Study?” or a theological dissertation.

    The answer is sometimes a bit evasive. But at least the question is once again raised, even in conservative circles.


    Originally, some held out for a real historical investigation. Others asserted that any probable origin was theological. And that therefore a partly theological/religious approach was appropriate. Even for an historical investigation.

    It was admitted though at times, that present-day theological opinions would influence the result. An idea, a subjectivity, that was strangely just accepted.

    1. Thanks so much for the alert. What I’d really love if anyone could forward me a copy is the article Larry is addressing:

      Leander Keck, one of the major American figures in NT studies in the late 20th century: “Is the New Testament a Field of Study? Or, From Outler to Overbeck and Back,” Second Century 1 (1981): 19-35.


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