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What is so bad about an atheist movie?

Larissa Dubecki, What is so bad about an atheist movie?

SO WHAT the hell is an atheist supposed to do at Christmas? Going by debates about a children’s fantasy film due to be released on Boxing Day, I’ll presumably spend the morning sacrificing kittens, move on to larger mammals in the afternoon and by evening will be taking the Lord’s name in vain in rhyming couplets. . . .

Full article in The Age

A fun year for atheists (Dr Peter Jensen), — and another interview with Spong


I’m sure it’s a crime to put Peter Jensen and John Spong in the same heading.

A fun year for atheists — by Anglican archbishop Dr Peter Jensen — with comments. (On Unleashed)

And a livestreaming/downloadable interview with Bishop John Shelby Spong Click on Most Popular Recent Interviews and navigate to the Spong interview. His recent book Jesus for the Non-Religious is the background to this interview.

Or for the abridged 3’30” interview go to the ABC site and navigate to “Best of the Year” and then to Listen to the excerpt.

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