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The literary genre of Acts. 2: Chronology

There is not a lot to say about the use of chronological markers in Acts. There aren’t many.

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Speech by Dr Hans Blix on receiving the Sydney Peace Prize, 2007

Go to The Globalization of Peace by Dr Hans Blix, on the University of Sydney news site.

He even took time to write to us members of Get Up!

Ancient prologues: Conventions and an oddity of the Acts preface

Since my previous post on looking at the preface to Acts in the context of contemporary prefaces, I have added a new section in that same post on the conventions of those prefaces. I have included it separately again here below.

I have also added the most obvious omission in my previous post, the preface of Acts itself. It is interesting to compare it with other prefaces to histories, and note not only Cadbury’s comments on where it fails to meet expected conventional standards, but also to observe the remarkable failure of the author to declare the purpose or contents of the work it is introducing. (Cadbury raises the possibility that the original preface may have been tampered with in order to account for this failure to match expected convention.) read more »

Secular alternative: interview exploring 3 atheist or agnostic views

Secular Alternative? is the latest program on The Spirit of Things, Rachael Kohn’s program on ABC Radio National:

The radio site blurb: For Ian Bryce, Senate candidate for the Secular Party, religion causes strife, while a ‘truly secular society’ ensures the wellbeing of its citizens and the peace of the planet. He joins philosopher John Bacon and former Anglican priest Mark Vernon to explore the secular alternative.

Mark Vernon is also author of After Atheism: Science, Religion and the Meaning of Life.

Still accessible as a podcast download or live-streaming — perhaps to be available in transcript soon — here.