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by Neil Godfrey

notice someone has been trying to access a broken link on this blog but i’m unable to locate the post or comment where that link is. — current site for all my notes on archaeology (davies and in search of ancient israel) is at vridar.info, but do please let me know if come across anything broken here. many thanks.

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6 thoughts on “hidden broken link”

  1. This might have been me. I hit a couple of broken links this afternoon. Next time it happens I’ll make sure to send an e-mail.

    Meanwhile, on this page:


    The links numbered 1 and 2 after the first paragraph both seem to be broken, or at least they’re taking me to a 404 page. These were the ones I noticed this afternoon and I just verified that they’re still 404 at the moment. (There was at least one more this afternoon, but I can’t recall what other article I was reading then).

    Thanks for your thoughts, by the way. I find this site fascinating. I’ve been working my way through your archives for the past couple of weeks. It’s very interesting reading.

  2. That’s odd. I have checked all the links in that post (while logged out) from a public computer (in Melaka of all places) and they are all working fine. Maybe temporary hitches. Are they still broken where you are? (May have to clear cache and history to test again.)

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