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The Elijah-Elisha Narrative and the Gospel of Mark

Dale and Patricia Miller and Thomas Brodie discuss the Elijah-Elishah Cycle — 1 Kgs 16:292 Kgs 13:25 — as a source of Mark’s gospel.


Brodie does not limit the influences on Mark to the Elijah-Elisha (E-E) narrative. He acknowledges diverse inputs from the broader Hellenistic culture. But in his “Crucial Bridge” he looks closely at the apparent E-E influences. read more »

Mark’s ending and Masada (& Elisha)

This may be nothing but another passing shape in a cloud, but has anyone else passingly wondered if there might be some relationship to Mark’s ending in the way the Jewish war ended at Masada? read more »

The signs of the end in Josephus and Mark

Josephus (War.6.5.3-4) lists 8 astounding signs sent by God to warn the Jews of their impending disaster: read more »

3 more pointers to a late date for Mark? – revised

As per Weeden, the Gospel of Mark was written in response to a strident claim to push Peter’s “primacy” in the church.

1. Written at a time when Peter was proclaimed as leading apostle?

Weeden (in a question and answer session on the “2 Jesuses” dvd avail at Westar) sums up his reasons for viewing the gospel as written at a time when the dominance of Peter was being pushed into the face of the churches. Mark’s intention was to undermine these claims: read more »