Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Chapter 7

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by Neil Godfrey

Revised last paragraph about an hour after first posting this.

In my previous post I commented that the Gospel of Mark is the least “petrine” of the gospels doctrinally. I have since turned to chapter 7 to find I must clear my mind of that presumption and reassess Mark’s extent of “petrine-ness” and read with an open mind.

7. The Petrine Perspective in the Gospel of Mark

Bauckham opens this 7th chapter by stating categorically in relation to the last,

We have seen that Mark’s Gospel has the highest frequency of reference to Peter among the Gospels, and that it uses the inclusio of eyewitness testimony to indicate that Peter was its main eyewitness source. (p.155)

So what began as a hypothesis has become a phenomenon of Mark that “we have seen”. Those who have read my discussion of chapter 6 will know I regard the validity of this assertion as questionable.

Bauckham now asks in chapter 7 if we can go “further than this” and see if there is evidence that the gospel of Mark is narrated from Peter’s personal perspective, and to what extent Peter appears as an individual and not just as a representative of the Twelve. Continue reading “Bauckham’s Jesus and the Eyewitnesses. Chapter 7”