October 7

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by Neil Godfrey

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The Israelis responsible even had the intelligence that the Hamas attack was imminent (they even had the Hamas plans and saw them running to the fence barrier on the morning of the 7th) but dismissed it all thinking it incredible.

The failure of the Israeli defence forces was astonishing. Hamas expected to suffer 80% casualties and that only 20% of them would return alive. In fact the figures were reversed. And it was the Israeli military posts they attacked that suffered the incredible losses. Hamas had no plans for the unexpected situation they found themselves in.

Hamas crimes, yes, but no evidence of rape, no beheaded or oven-burned babies.

The mutilated bodies, those stabbed and burned and run over, appear to have been Palestinian, not Israeli.

Israeli tanks and Apache helicopters fired into houses and cars killing Israelis as well as Hamas.

Like the propaganda following Germany’s 1914 invasion of Belgium – stories of bayoneting women and children . . . .

Like the 1939 lie by Hitler that Poland had attacked Germany . . . .

Like the Gulf of Tonkin lie to justify the Vietnam war . . . .

Like the lie of Iraqis in Kuwait throwing babies from incubators prior to the 2003 Gulf war . . . .

Like the lie of weapons of mass destruction to justify the 1993 Iraq war . . . .

. . . . The October 7 dehumanizing lies serve to justify the slaughter under way in Gaza (and of course to deflect from the utter failure of the Israeli defence force on that morning.)

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12 thoughts on “October 7”

    1. Not only governments. The lies about Hamas atrocities were initiated by ordinary Israelis, some of whom are on record as expressing a wish to exterminate all Palestinians. The the most extreme right-wing government in Israel’s history right now is their dream-come-true. Thank god for groups like https://www.jewishcouncil.com.au/ and other anti-Zionist Jews.

  1. It is sometimes interesting to try to understand why people can believe it is OK to commit genocide, it is a bit like trying to read an apologist arguing that the gospels are eye-witness accounts, but much worse as it is veiled hate, not just obstinate beliefs.

    I just came across this one which seems to be just your typical conservative US opinion.


    (I have obfuscated so the link gives no juice to the site!)

    There is no way you can have discourse with such opinions, it is fascism and beyond reasoning. I take some heart that they feel they are losing the propaganda war, because they certainly have lost some of the censorship power they had in the first two months of the war – however we know from the Glazer incident, that they are still holding their base!

    1. I would like to think that if they met some of the Palestinians and had half an hour or so of discussion with them about their experiences they would pause before repeating the ignorance they did before. But I also try to remember how I was when I also was so gung-ho pro Israeli while embedded in a religious cult that preached Armageddon. Would I have allowed myself to have been persuaded by the real-life personal experiences of a flesh-and-blood person before me? Or would I have defaulted to my divinely gifted revelations and beliefs?

      It’s a horrifying thought — from where I am now.

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