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by Neil Godfrey

While I’ve been waylaid by real life from getting to my blog as often as I would like a new blog has since emerged covering in depth the sorts of issues I would have loved to have written up first, but it’s great to see them addressed as extensively as Tom has on his Musings blog.

Recent posts:

But Tom, if you are reading this, let me warn you of a  bitty bug with WordPress that it took me too long to discover — if your settings allow for smileys, then every time you type an 8 followed by a bracket, you will get a smiley instead of a page, issue or verse reference! i admit, though, that readers who like to browse quickly will find such little graphics throughout the posts easier on the eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Musings of Tom Verenna”

  1. Vridar, thank you for this! I’m glad you enjoyed what I have had the time to write. I will take your word of caution on the smileys to heart and get to work on fixing this festering bit of evil.

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