Golden Dawn party attempts to shut down Mythicism Conference

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by Neil Godfrey

Golden Dawn party attempts to shut down Mythicism Conference

A translation of part of the letter by Golden Dawn to the Mayor of Athens:

The Greek Constitution stated that the Orthodox Christian Faith is the dominant religion of our homeland. How can the ministry protect protect the holies of 2000 years of our homeland, if it does not intervene and allows the conference to take place, which is potentially heretical and aims to destroy the faith of Greeks?

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6 thoughts on “Golden Dawn party attempts to shut down Mythicism Conference”

  1. They should know the well known Streisand effect phenomena which time and time again proved right, the harder you try to censor a piece of information more widely its going to publicized.

  2. Oh, that Golden Dawn. When I first saw the headline I thought of Ordo Hermeticus Aurorae Aureae and was surprised that they were still around.

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