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pharaoh killing baby males



Annunciations and Holy Conceptions





The Josephs’ Dreams and Moves to Egypt


Another Jesus (=Joshua) was also a son of Joseph (of the tribe of Joseph) and that Joseph likewise was given a dream of future greatness

  1. Both the Joseph in Genesis and the Joseph of Matthew had fathers named Jacob
  2. Both Josephs had lives and careers marked by dreams
  3. Both Josephs played dramatic roles in salvation history



  • The Patriarch Joseph saved his family by bringing them down into Egypt
  • Matthew’s Joseph saved Jesus and Mary by bringing them down to Egypt

See How Joseph Was Invented as the Father of Jesus and Where Did John the Baptist’s Parents Come From? Reading the Gospels Through Jewish Eyes.

Dedication at the Temple







The Star, and gentiles bringing gold and frankincense

Unknown author, Adoration of the Magi. 17th ce...


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